Artistic and cultural event 2013
"Once upon a time ...
“A king! - My little readers will say immediately. No, guys, you are wrong. There was once a piece of wood. "
This was the beginning of the work of the most famous writer Carlo Collodi. The Adventures of Pinocchio: The Story of a Puppet is the novel that narrates the vicissitudes of the famous wooden puppet, has its own life, sharp-nosed whose length increases every time he tells a lie, and eventually find redemption, becoming a real boy of flesh and blood, as a reward of personal evolution that comes at the end of the experience, sometimes daring and bizarre, which addresses in its growth path.
In 1881 was presented, for the first time, to the public. Only in 1883 will be published in the final version, also suitable for reading by an audience of readers at an early age. The work, which was eventually translated into 240 languages and transposed to the cinema and theater on numerous occasions, become one of the most classic Italian beds in the world. In 1972 was broadcast by RAI, the television series, in five episodes, Pinocchio, directed by Luigi Comencini. This TV version, which was attended by actors like Nino Manfredi (Geppetto), Gina Lollobrigida (the Tooth Fairy), Franco Franchi (CAT), Ciccio Ingrassia (the Fox) and Vittorio De Sica (the judge) would have been greatly appreciated by the public, so as to be retransmitted in several replicas over the years. Among the chosen settings to create this masterpiece, there is also the City of Sant'Oreste in the film acts as a backdrop for scenes where the Cat and the Fox, pretending to be blind and the lame, the cat steals a chicken with Pinocchio in his arms and the puppet shows the sequins that had hidden inside the shoes of the two robbers.
This Bildungsroman, so similar to empathy, the artist's life, is characterized by the universality of the themes. For this reason, perhaps, Benedetto Croce wrote: "The wood, which is cut Pinocchio, is humanity."
Over time, Pinocchio has become a furnace of figures and imaginary places risen, not only in Italy, for instance par excellence of many proverbial. So who has the habit of lying will inevitably have a long nose, the Land of Toys indicate an apparent place of fun, Jiminy is a person inclined to bestow unsolicited advice, and so on. The same Pinocchio become the liar par excellence.
A 130 years after the first full publication of the work seems necessary to recollect from the novel pedagogical value which has inspired so many artists over the years, and which scenario best if not the City of Sant'Oreste, was due to more famous tv series of Pinocchio, in the heart of many Italians?
Alessandra Lorenzetti
Deadline: September 30, 2013
The initiative includes the creation of an image – in the free technique, on a paper or cardboard:
- UNI A4 Size (cm 29,7 x 21,1)
- Recipient PROLOCO di SANT’ORESTE Piazza Cavalieri Caccia - 00060 Sant’Oreste – Rome (Italy);
- Postage and postmark.
Place the envelope in your personal data, contact information, and possibly a brief biography and some artistic references.
The works will be preserved as a heritage of the City of Sant’Oreste and later will be exhibited in art galleries, museums and elsewhere will be required to spread this kind of art form and to promote the artists.
The exhibition is organized by Tiziana Todi in collaboration with Association International Cultural Diletta Vittoria in Rome, MailArtMeetingArchives Anna Boschi of Bologna, with the Association Cultural E.Art Civitanova Marche, with the City of Sant’Oreste , with the Proloco of Sant’Oreste and Edoardo Brandani – Edizioni Bora – Bologna.
The exhibition of the works will be inaugurated on October 12, 2013 at 10:00 am at the at the sixteenth Palazzo Caccia Canali, attributed to Vignola and purpose of the FAI campaign for the protection of cultural heritage and environment - the year 2011 - Nature Museum of Monte Soratte - and will run until November 15, 2013.
Thanks to all participants.